Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting #:
Council Chambers
225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Council Members Present:
  • Gloria Collier, Deputy Town Clerk
  • Tina Arbuckle, Council/Committee Clerk
  • Giovanna Malatesta, Project Manager
  • Lena Sampogna
  • Karyn Hurley
  • Jimmy Chao
  • Atul Dhingra
  • Ryan Ban


Mayor Barrow called the meeting to order.

Jan Smikt re traffic light.

There were no members of the public who addressed Council during the Public Forum.

There were no Council Announcements.

There were no emergency/time sensitive matters raised by Members of Council.

That the agenda be adopted as distributed by the Clerk.

There were no disclosures of pecuniary interest by Members of Council under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

That the minutes of Council Public Meeting C#xx-xx held on MONTH DAY, YEAR be adopted.

There were no public hearings.

There were no presentations.

There were no delegations.

  • Recommendation
    Moved by:Tina Arbuckle
    Seconded by:Giovanna Malatesta

    a) That the construction plans for Phase 2 as outlined in SREIS.17.002 be approved;

    b) That the project budget be increased by $50,000;

    c) That staff report back to Council with recommendations for Phase 3 of the construction project.

    In favour: Gloria Collier, Tina Arbuckle, Giovanna Malatesta, Lena Sampogna, and Karyn Hurley
    Opposed: Jimmy Chao, and Atul Dhingra
  • Recommendation
    Moved by:Lena Sampogna
    Seconded by:Karyn Hurley

    That the updated job description for the Council/Committee Coordinator position be received.

  • Recommendation
    Moved by:Jimmy Chao
    Seconded by:Atul Dhingra


    That the main motion be amended to include a report back from staff.

Carried Unanimously
  • Recommendation

    That the following vendors be approved:

    Panera Bread


  • Recommendation


    That the main motionbeamendedtoincludeclauseC)asfollows:budgetbeincreasedby$500

  • Recommendation

    That the report be received

There were no other business items.

There were no emergency/time sensitive matters.

That the following By-laws be approved:

There were no closed session items.

  • Recommendation
    Moved by:Lena Sampogna
    Seconded by:Gloria Collier

    To consider matters relating to increasing the budget for lunch (Councillor Lena's request)


That By-law xx-xx, A By-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at this meeting, be passed.

That the meeting be adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned at TIME.

  • Recommendation
    Moved by:Gloria Collier
    Seconded by:Tina Arbuckle