Heritage Richmond Hill
Revised Agenda


Chair, Councillor Karen Cilevitz



Heritage Richmond Hill meetings will be held electronically at this time. The public can observe meetings of Council and Committees by viewing the livestream of the open session part of these meetings which can be accessed on the City’s website (Richmondhill.ca) or on the City’s YouTube page (linked from the City’s homepage).


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  • a) That the minutes of Heritage Richmond Hill meeting HRH#05-23 held June 15, 2023, be adopted.

  • a) That the extract from Council meeting C#24-23 held June 28, 2023 regarding staff report SRPI.23.061 - Heritage Permit and Authority to Enter into a Heritage Conservation Agreement - 103 Richmond Street, be received.

- Presentation by Julia Smith, Urban Design/Heritage Planner

(Please note this is a 10 minute presentation)

  • That Heritage Richmond Hill recommends to Council:

    a) That the Horner House located at 9893 Leslie Street does not merit cultural heritage designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act; and

    b) That 9893 Leslie Street be removed from Richmond Hill’s Heritage Register, subject to the following conditions:

    i. That prior to the issuance of any permit for the subject property, including a building permit, or a permit related to the demolition, shoring and excavation of the subject property, the owner shall submit building documentation for the Horner House, including documentation photographs of the interior and exterior, and as-built measured plan and elevation drawings, to the satisfaction of Heritage and Urban Design staff.

(Please note this is a 10 minute update)

  • a) That the verbal update from the Heritage Designation Subcommittee regarding the progress of the Heritage Designation Focus Groups for the Village Core, be received.

- Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.