Special Council  Meeting

(Electronic Meeting pursuant to Section 238(3.3) of the Municipal Act, 2001)

Acting Mayor Joe DiPaola




Due to efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to protect all individuals, City facilities will not be open to the public to attend Council and Committee meetings until further notice. The public can observe meetings of Council and Committees by viewing the livestream of the open session part of these meetings which can be accessed on the City’s website (Richmondhill.ca) or on the City’s YouTube page (linked from the City’s homepage).


Public Comments: The public may submit written correspondence regarding agenda matters by email to clerks@richmondhill.ca. Written correspondence must be submitted by 12 p.m. the day before the meeting. Comments submitted will be provided to all Members of Council, considered as public information and noted in the public record.


Electronic Delegations: The public may apply to appear as an electronic delegation by video conference or by telephone. Applications to appear as an electronic delegation must be submitted by 12 p.m. the day before the meeting by email to clerks@richmondhill.ca or by using the on-line application form found on Richmondhill.ca. The Office of the Clerk will provide instructions on appearing as an electronic delegation.

Scheduled Business

  • a) That By-law 62-21, A By-law to Appoint an Integrity Commissioner for the City of Richmond Hill, be passed.

  • a) That Council approve the Member of Council Event Policy, Attachment “A” to the Memorandum of the City Manager dated May 5, 2021, including the following amendments to the draft policy presented at the April 28, 2021 Council Meeting:

    (i) Section 2.1 is amended to read as follows:

     “In a calendar year, Members’ may hold two one-day Council-led Events or one two-day Council-led Event. Where a regular annual event organized by the Office of the Mayor for several years prior to the adoption of this policy would generally qualify as a Council-led Event, they are exempt from these limits in this section Events should not conflict or indirectly reflect any existing City-led events.”;

     (ii) Section 2.2 is amended to read as follows:

    “Members are entitled to host one one-day Council-led Event in the year of a regular municipal election, but not during the Election Period.;

     (iii) New Section 4.1(e) is added, which reads as follows:

     “4.1 Members are responsible for selecting the sponsors for Council-led Events. Members are committed to ensuring that each sponsor selected:

     (e) who consent to the public disclosure of their name and sponsorship amount.”;

     (iv) The annual contribution limit from anyone sponsor in Section 4.3 is increased from $5,000 to $7,500;

     (v) The annual fundraising limit in Section 4.4 is increased from $25,000 to $60,000;

     (vi) New Section 4.6 is added and Section 7.2 is amended, to require Members to notify sponsors that their name and sponsorship amount with be disclosed in the report published on the City’s website under Section 7.2, and require Members to obtain a sponsors written consent to such disclosure; and,

    (vii) Add new Section 9 Transition Rules, which read as follows:

     “9.1 The following transition rules apply to Council-Led Events that are actively being planned as of the date this policy is approved by Council:

     (a) These transition rules can only be applied to one Council-led Event per Member.

     (b) These transition rules can only be applied to a Council-Led event if the following conditions are met:

     (i) the event is scheduled to occur within two (2) months of this policy being approved by Council; and

     (ii) the Member has already received sponsorship or written commitments from sponsors as of the date the Policy is approved, or has incurred expenses or committed in writing to incur expenses related to that event.

     (c) In respect to sponsorship already received, or already committed to in writing, as of the date this policy is approved:

     (i) The Member is not required to refund for any amount that exceeds the annual limits in Section 4.4 that is less than $10,000; or

     (ii) Is permitted to accept an amount of up to $10,000.

     (d) The Member is not permitted to accept or solicit any increase in sponsorship from any one source that would exceed the annual amount in Section 4.4 beyond what is already received or committed to in writing as of the date the policy is approved.

     (e) The Member shall endeavor to receive written consent from any sponsor of the CouncilLed Event that is subject to these transition rules to publish that sponsor’s name and sponsorship amount in the quarterly report required under Section 7.2. Where consent is not received, the quarterly report prepared Treasurer shall on that quarterly report only report the total sponsorship amount for that event

     (f) The Council-Led event that is subject to these transition rules shall count towards the member annual limit on events in Section 2.1.”