Accessibility Advisory Committee

Council Chambers
225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario



Chair, Karen Cilevitz, Councillor Ward 5


Accessibility Advisory Committee meetings will be held in a hybrid meeting format at this time. The public can observe meetings of Council and Committees by attending in-person or by viewing the livestream of the open session part of these meetings which can be accessed on the City’s website ( or on the City’s YouTube page (linked from the City’s homepage).


Public Comments: The public may submit written correspondence regarding agenda matters by email to [email protected]. Written correspondence must be submitted by 12 p.m. (noon) one business day before the meeting. Comments submitted will be provided to all Members of Council, considered as public information and noted in the public record.


Delegations: Any person who wishes to address Committee on agenda items must preregister with the Office of the Clerk by 12 p.m. (noon) one business day before the meeting. Applications to appear as a delegation can be submitted by email to [email protected] or by using the on-line application form found on Delegations can be in-person, or electronic by video conference or telephone. The Office of the Clerk will provide instructions on appearing as an electronic delegation.

  • a) That the minutes of Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting AAC#03-23 held September 28, 2023, be adopted.

(Please note this is a 20 minute presentation)

  • a) That the presentation by Michelle Dobbie, Manager, Park and Natural Heritage Planning, regarding Implementing the 2022 Parks Plan, be received.

(Please note this is a 15 minute presentation)

  • a) That the presentation by Sandra DeMaria, Manager, Development, and Hubert Ng, Manager, Transportation and Traffic, regarding the Site Plan Approval Process and Considerations, be received.

  • a) That the proposed 2024 meeting schedule for the Accessibility Advisory Committee be approved;

    b) That the Accessibility Advisory Committee determine the start time for Accessibility Advisory Committee meetings.

- To be determined