Council Public Meeting

Council Chambers
225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Mayor David West



City facilities are open to the public to attend Council and Committee meetings. The public can observe meetings of Council and Committees by attending in-person or by viewing the livestream of the open session part of these meetings which can be accessed on the City’s website ( or on the City’s YouTube page (linked from the City’s homepage).


Public Comments: The public may submit written correspondence regarding agenda matters by email to [email protected]. Written correspondence must be submitted by 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Comments submitted will be provided to all Members of Council, considered as public information and noted in the public record.


Delegations:  No prior registration is required to make an in-person Delegation, but is encouraged. Prior registration is required should the public intend to make an electronic delegation by video conference or telephone. Applications to appear as an electronic delegation must be submitted by 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting by email to [email protected] or by using the on-line application form found on The Office of the Clerk will provide instructions on appearing as a delegation.


Scheduled Business:


SRPI.23.002 – Request for Comments – Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Bodrington Commercial Developments Limited - 13495 Bathurst Street – City File ZBLA-22-0019

  • The following individual has registered as a delegation to address Council regarding Item 3.1:

    1. Lauren Capilongo, Malone Given Parsons Ltd., representing the applicant.

SRPI.23.005 – Request for Comments – Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Playlearn Preschool Inc. - 9741 Bayview Avenue – City File ZBLA-22-0021

  • That the following additional correspondence regarding the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment Application submitted by Playlearn Preschool Inc. for 9741 Bayview Avenue, be received:

    1. Nellie Simtikidis, 31 Mary Elizabeth Crescent, Markham, dated January 25, 2023.
    2. Hugh Floyd, 257 Stone Road, Aurora, dated January 25, 2023.
    3. Ambreen Jiwa, Resident of Markham, dated January 27, 2023.

    4. Melanie and Jason Chin, 9 Prince of Wales Drive, Markham, dated January 28, 2023.
    5. Tina Melatti, 119 Westwood Lane, dated January 28, 2023.
    6. Sandy Sokol, 103 Silver Linden Drive, dated January 29, 2023.
    7. Mike Baldassarra, 61 Westwood Lane, dated January 30, 2023.
    8. Carlo and Angela Baldassarra, 29 Maryvale Crescent, dated January 30, 2023.

    9. Emily d'Entremont, 12 Elm Ridge Acres Road, Thornhill, dated January 30, 2023.
    10. Erminia Campisi, 22 Yongeview Avenue, dated January 30, 2023.
    11. Piera Defina, Resident of Toronto, dated January 30, 2023.
    12. Maria Liscio, 31A Scott Drive, dated January 31, 2023.
    13. Rosemary Tuzi, 17 Kingmount Crescent, dated January 31, 2023.
    14. Fiore and Maria Melatti, 24 Old Park Lane, dated January 31, 2023.
    15. Claudia Tuzi, 55 Northgate Crescent, dated January 31, 2023.
    16. Angelo Tuzi, 55 Northgate Crescent, dated January 31, 2023.
    17. Jean Paul Tuzi, 17 Kingsmount Crescent, dated January 31, 2023.
    18. Jacqueline Lublin, 104 Strathearn Avenue, dated January 31, 2023.
    19. Diane Bretthauer, Resident of Markham, dated January 31, 2023.
    20. Maxwell Tomlinson, 52 Northcote Avenue, Toronto, dated February 1, 2023.