Council Meeting

Revised Agenda

Meeting #:C#43-17
Council Chambers
225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
His Worship
Mayor Dave Barrow

The Committee of the Whole presents its Report for meeting CW#18-17 held on December 4, 2017 and respectfully recommends that the minutes be adopted as circulated and the following recommendations be approved:

  • That the minutes of the Youth Action Committee meeting held on November 8, 2017, be adopted as circulated.

  • a) That staff report SRCFS.17.052 be received;

    b) That the proposed Information Governance Policy, attached as Attachment 'A' to staff report SRCFS.17.052, be approved;

    c) That the Town Clerk be authorized to make amendments to the Information Governance Policy for the purposes of aligning the policy with any amendments to the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act;

    d) That a By-law to repeal By-laws 424-89, 115-92, 343-92, 180-94, 170-95, 284-95, 177-98, and 188-02 be enacted upon implementation of a revised Records Classification and Retention Policy pursuant to the Information Governance Policy.


  • a) That the Council of the Town of Richmond Hill advise the Attorney General, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Reza Moridi, MPP - Richmond Hill and Dr. Helena Jaczek, MPP - Oak Ridges - Markham that Richmond Hill is not a willing host of a cannabis retail location in our community;

    b) That staff report SRCAO.17.30 regarding the legalization of cannabis be received and all comments from Council be forwarded by the Town Clerk to the Attorney General, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Reza Moridi, MPP - Richmond Hill and Dr. Helena Jaczek, MPP - Oak Ridges - Markham for consideration;

    c) That a copy of staff report SRCAO.17.30 and all recommendations from Council be forwarded by the Town Clerk to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario for information;

    d) That upon legalization, the Town’s Employee Code of Conduct be updated to add cannabis as one of the substances that must not impair an employee at work.

  • a) That the Partnership Principles as outlined in staff report SRCS.17.24 be approved;

    b) That Council endorse the formation of a Town of Richmond Hill Partnership Facility Team led by the Community Services Department to coordinate the Town’s recreation facility development partnership efforts.

  • a) That the acquisition of an easement more particularly described as Part of Lot 1, Plan 200, shown as Part 1 on a Draft Reference Plan prepared by J.D. Barnes Limited, Reference No. 02-21-904-11 (part of P.I.N. 03209-0233) be authorized.

  • a) That the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute a Servicing Incentive Program agreement for Subdivision File 19T-04009 Phase 2 with the Region of York and Leslie Elgin Developments, upon the recommendation of the Commissioner of Planning and Regulatory Services and upon the Region confirming to the Town that Leslie Elgin Developments Inc. has satisfied the Region requirements regarding its Servicing Incentive Program.

  • a) That the proposed draft Plan of Condominium submitted by Carrville South Development Corp. for lands known Part of Lots 13 and 14, Registered Plan 1960, (municipal addresses: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Sombrero Lane and 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 43, 45, 47 and 49 Stallibrass Lane) (previously 715, 719 and 725 Carrville Road), File Number D05-16011 (19CDM(R)-16011), be draft approved subject to the following condition:

    i) that draft approval be subject to the conditions as set out in Appendix 'A' to staff report SRPRS.17.178.

  • a) That the request by Primont Homes (Bayview) Inc. to add street names “Gianni”, “Attardo”, “Tripodi”, “Primo” and “Lore” to the Town’s Council Approved Street Name List and the assignment of these street names to the private streets within the approved residential development on the subject lands be denied for the reasons outlined in staff report SRPRS.17.196.

  • a) That a By-law to amend the Richmond Hill Sign By-law 52-09, be enacted to amend the following provisions pertaining to election signage:

    i) That the definition of “Voting Day” be added, and defined as “the day on which the final vote is to be taken in an election”,

    ii) That the definition of “Election Sign” be amended, and defined as "means a sign which advertises or promotes the election of a political party or a Candidate for federal, provincial, municipal or school board election"; and includes any Sign of a Registered Third-party Advertiser,

    iii) That section 6.6.8(b) be amended to read “in the case of a municipal election, 28 days (4 weeks) prior to Voting Day",

    iv) That a definition for “Registered Third-Party Advertiser” be added, and defined as; “in relation to an election in a municipality, an individual, corporation or trade union that is registered under Section 88.6 of the Municipal Elections Act”,

    v) That a definition for “Third-Party Advertisement” be added, and defined as “an advertisement in any broadcast, print, electronic or other medium that has the purpose of promoting, supporting or opposing (a) a candidate, or (b) a “yes” or “no” answer to a question referred to in subsection 8(1),(2) or (3) of the Municipal Elections Act, and, for greater certainty, includes any election sign of a Registered Third-Party Advertiser.”

    vi) That the following new section 6.6.12 be included:

    “In the case of a municipal election, a Person who is neither a Candidate nor a Registered Third-party Advertiser shall not be permitted to place an election sign on either public or private property.”

  • a) That the revised Zoning By-law Amendment application submitted by Jewish Youth Network for lands known as Part of Lots 10 and 11, Plan 1960, municipal addresses 9131 and 9135 Bathurst Street, File Number D02-15022, be approved, subject to the following:

    i) that the subject lands be rezoned from Third Density Residential (R3) Zone to Institutional (I) Zone, under By-law No. 2523, as amended, and that the amending Zoning By-law establish site specific development standards as outlined in staff report SRPRS.17.198;

    ii) that pursuant to Section 34(17) of the Planning Act, that no further notice be required to be given in respect of the proposed change to the Zoning By-law Amendment application.

  • a) That staff report SRPRS.17.200 with respect to the Site Plan application submitted by Toronto Montessori Schools for lands legally described as Part of Lots 5, 6 and 7, Plan 2607, municipally known as 8617 and 8569 Bayview Avenue, File Number D06-17083, be received for information purposes only and that all comments be referred back to staff.

  • a) That staff report SRPRS.17.203, be received for information,

    b) That staff be directed to prepare a David Dunlap Observatory National Historic Site nomination application by end of March, 2018.

  • a) That the application to deregister a heritage building relocation agreement on title to the property currently known as 10366 Yonge Street be approved;

    b) That staff be authorized to undertake the work required to give effect to the approval.

  • a) That the assumption of the aboveground and belowground municipal services within Plan 65M-4288, (Subdivision File 19T-03015), be approved;

    b) That Brookgreene Crescent, within the limits of Plan 65M-4288, (Subdivision File 19T-03015), be assumed as public highway;

    c) That the assumption of the external municipal services within the existing Brookside Road road allowance associated with Subdivision File 19T-03015, be approved;

    d) That reserve Block 29, Plan 65M-3264 be established as public highway to become part of Brookgreene Crescent.

  • a) That the Zoning By-law Amendment application submitted by 1730917 Ontario Inc. for lands known as Block 21, Registered Plan 65M-3146 (municipal address: 11384 Yonge Street) File Number D02-16020 (Related File Number D06-16058), be approved subject to the following:

    i) That Council approve the draft Zoning By-law as set out in Appendix 'B' to staff report SRPRS.17.199 and that said by-law be brought forward to a regular meeting of Council for consideration and enactment.

  • That the existing Municipal storm servicing easement, Instrument No. YR1749928, described as Part 1 on Plan 65R-33169 be released.

  • a) That staff report SRPRS.17.177 regarding Smart Commute governance and funding source update be received;

    b) That the 2018 funding of $50,000 for Smart Commute Markham Richmond Hill from Town-wide Engineering Development Charges be approved;

    c) That $50,000 be included annually in the Development Engineering and Transportation Division’s 10-year Capital Budget beyond 2018, funded from Town-wide Engineering Development Charges.

  • That December 6, 2017 be proclaimed National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence against Women in the Town of Richmond Hill.

  • a) That the report from Grant Thornton LLP dated November 22, 2017, regarding Initial Communication on Audit Planning for the year ended December 31, 2017 be received;

    b) That staff be directed to inform the Village of Richmond Hill Business Improvement Area to report back by the end of February, 2018 regarding approval of the BIA’s 2015 and 2016 Audited Financial statements.

  • That the correspondence from Emma Barron, Assistant Manager, Land Development, Primont Homes, dated December 8, 2017, regarding Private Street Naming Application submitted by Primont Homes (Bayview) Inc., be received.

  • That the correspondence from Marianne Yake, Richmond Hill Naturalists, dated December 11, 2017, regarding the National Historic Site Nomination for the David Dunlap Observatory, be received.

Explanation: As approved by Council at its meeting held November 13, 2017 (staff report SRPRS.17.171)

Explanation: As approved by Council at its meeting held November 13, 2017 (staff report SRPRS.17.171)

Explanation:  As approved by Council at its meeting held on November 27, 2017 (staff report SRPRS.17.188)

Explanation:  As approved by Council at its meeting held on November 27, 2017 (staff report SRPRS.17.189)

Explanation: Approved by Council at its meeting held on July 10, 2017 (staff report SRPRS.17.128)

Explanation:  As approved by Council at its meeting held on November 27, 2017 (staff report SRPRS.17.187)

Explanation: As approved by Council at its meeting held September 12, 2016 (staff report SRPRS.16.127)

  • To consider personal matters about identifiable individuals, including municipal or local board employees with respect to the citizen appointment process for the Richmond Hill Public Library Board (Section 239(2)(b) of the Municipal Act, 2001).