Committee of the Whole Meeting

Council Chambers
225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Chair, Godwin Chan, Regional and Local Councillor
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  • a) That Staff Report SRCS.23.12 regarding review of winter maintenance during the 2022 to 2023 winter season be received for information.

  • a) That staff report SRPI.23.058 regarding the Town Park Master Plan be received; and

    b) That Council approve the Town Park Master Plan (Appendix A). 

  • a) That Staff Report SRPI.23.070 with respect to the Site Plan application submitted by 2706379 Ontario Limited for lands known as Block 226, Plan 65M-3802 (Municipal Address: 12600 Bayview Avenue), City File D06-20041, be received for information purposes and that all comments be referred back to staff; and,

    b) That the authority to assign 54.15 persons equivalent of servicing allocation to the proposed development to be constructed on the subject lands be delegated to the Commissioner of Planning and Infrastructure subject to the criteria in the City’s Interim Growth Management Strategy, and that the assigned servicing allocation be released in accordance with the provisions of By-law 109-11, as amended.

  • a) That Council endorse the City’s submission of applications to the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund administered by Infrastructure Canada for 2 eligible capital projects as described in SRCM.23.11; and

    b) That should the City’s Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund grants be successful, Council approve the City’s allocation of:

    i. Upper East Don River & Mill Pond Park Stormwater Management System   Revitalization Project - with the total current estimated value of the project at $12,743,000 and the grant being for up to 40% of the costs, that the City’s portion be funded from sources as determined by the Treasurer.

    ii. Humber Flats Flood Mitigation Project - with the total current estimated value of the project at $5,670,000 and the grant being for up to 40% of the costs, that the City’s portion be funded from sources as determined by the Treasurer.

  • a) That the correspondence from Henry Chui, President, MRVCBA, dated May 30, 2023, regarding a Request to Deem an Event Municipally Significant - Uptown Asian Festival, be received;

    b) That the Uptown Asian Festival, scheduled to be held on September 1-3, 2023 be deemed an event of Municipal Significance in order for the Uptown Asian Festival to obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to be utilized at the Uptown Asian Festival.

  • Moved by: Mayor West 

    Whereas the City owns significant parcels of land (the “Civic Centre Lands”) at the southwest corner of Yonge Street and Major Mackenzie Drive, which have  potential to be an important landmark and functional public space in the City centre.

    Whereas intermittently since the late 1970’s, the City has considered developing the Civic Centre Lands to include municipal offices, an urban square and a destination park. Most recently, in 2013 the City completed a comprehensive community engagement and corporate planning initiative under the name of the “Civic Precinct Project” and in 2016 Council approved a recommended “Civic Precinct Plan” (Appendix 1).

    Whereas in 2020 implementation of the Civic Precinct Plan was put on hold given the pandemic and its impact on the need for municipal office space, as well as the priorities of Council at the time.

    Whereas a destination park and public square at the Civic Centre Lands would help to revitalize the Village Core and provide a much needed central location for community gatherings and civic events.

    Whereas development of the Civic Centre Lands would be consistent with:

    1) Official Plan policies which recognize these lands as part of the Major Mackenzie BRT Station Major Transit Station Area (MTSA) and the Regional Mixed Use Corridor;

    2) The Investment Attraction Study (approved by Council June 2022) recommendation to explore public-private partnerships to use the Civic Centre Lands as “community-based office and culture industry-focused location;”

    3) The Parks Plan (approved by Council in June 2022) directs that “The City may convert the Mount Pleasant Community Park, including The Wave Pool lands (Lois Hancey Aquatic Centre) and the lands to the east of the Central Library lands into a Destination Park to establish a new civic gathering space now referred to as the “Richmond Hill Civic Centre Lands” at the southwest corner of Major Mackenzie Drive and Yonge Street”.

    Now Therefore Be It Resolved That:

    a) Staff undertake a consultation process to confirm the design elements to be included in a passive park (i.e. a park with no permanent outdoor recreational facilities) on the portion of the Richmond Hill Civic Centre lands to the east of the Central Library to provide a central location for community gatherings and civic events in the short-term to be considered in the 2024 capital Budget discussion; and

    b) A report back to Council following the completion of the short-term passive park works on the recommended process to develop and undertake the longer-term vision for the Richmond Hill Civic Centre lands.

  • Moved by: Regional and Local Councillor DiPaola

    Whereas the City of Toronto has recently run a pilot project regarding allowing hens in residential neighbourhoods;

    Whereas urban agriculture and vertical farming will become an increasingly important means by which to counter difficulties with getting product to market and mitigating against potential food production inconsistencies;

    Whereas allowing residents to have a limited number of hens in their backyards, for the purposes or producing eggs for personal consumption can provide an option for our residents to expand urban farming opportunities;

    Whereas having a limited number of chickens of the female gender requires a relatively small amount of land area and provides relatively little disturbance in a residential neighbourhood if cared for properly;

    Now Therefore Be It Resolved:

    1. That Committee of the Whole recommends that Richmond Hill Council directs appropriate city staff to initiate a 1-year pilot project that would allow residents in residentially zoned areas to have up to 3 hens on their property.
    2. That appropriate city staff monitor the success of this pilot project and report back to Council with recommendations on whether or not to proceed with granting residents this option permanently through a By-Law.
  • Moved by: Regional and Local Councillor DiPaola

    Whereas, the City of Brampton and other municipalities have purchased tax collection software to consolidate revenue processing from different sources;

    Whereas, our community centres and other point of sale locations do not currently have a harmonized fee collection process; and

    Whereas, enhanced data collection will assist with reporting, audit and budgeting purposes;

    Now Therefore Be It Resolved:

    That appropriate city staff be directed to initiate the procurement process to purchase a harmonized tax and fee collection software.

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