Committee of the Whole Meeting

Council Chambers
225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Chair, Godwin Chan, Regional and Local Councillor
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  • a) That Staff Report SRPI.23.057 with respect to the Site Plan application submitted by Montagna Capital (BT) Inc. for lands known as Part of Lots 19 and 20, Concession 3, E.Y.S. (Municipal Address: 1577 to 1621 Major Mackenzie Drive East), City File SP-23-0011, be received for information purposes and that all comments be referred back to staff;

    b) That the authority to assign municipal servicing allocation for the proposed development to be constructed on the subject lands be delegated to the Commissioner of Planning and Infrastructure subject to the criteria in the City’s Interim Growth Management Strategy;

    c) That the subject lands be classified as a Class 4 Area as defined by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks in its “Environmental Noise Guideline – Stationary and Transportation Sources – Approval and Planning (NPC-300)” to address Stationary Noise.

  • a) That staff be directed to apply for York Region’s Municipal Streetscape Partnership Program;

    b) That the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute a Maintenance Agreement with York Region for the Bayview Avenue (16th Avenue to Highway 7) Streetscape Corner Enhancements upon the recommendation of the Commissioner of Community Services;

    c) That Council direct this project to be considered as part of the 2025 Capital Budget process and future operating budgets.

  • a) That the special charges allocated to each lot as set out and certified in Schedule 'A' Local Improvement Roll, to draft By-law 37-23, attached as Appendix ‘A’ to SRCFS.23.016 for the reconstruction of Powell Street and Wright Street, from Mill Street to Hall Street be authorized;

    b) That properties exempt from property taxation continue to be liable for special charges relating to Local Improvement Projects;

    c) That the Local Improvement rate be set at $161.40 per meter frontage for lump sum payments or an annual payment of $18.81 per meter frontage per year paid over ten (10) years;

    d) That draft By-law 37-23, attached as Appendix 'A' to staff report SRCFS.23.016, be enacted.

  • a) That draft By-law 38-23, attached as Appendix 'A' to staff report SRCFS.23.017, be enacted to establish and adopt tax rates for 2023 on the assessment in each property class,

    b) That the billing and collection of taxes, special assessments, defaulted fines and fees including the tax installment due dates for residential and non-residential properties be authorized.

  • a) That the contract for delivery of the public-facing “Catalogue Discovery Layer” software solution for Richmond Hill Public Library (“Library”) Website be awarded non-competitively to BiblioCommons Corp. for a cost not exceeding $338,798.99 (exclusive of taxes) for an initial term of three (3) years with the option to renew the term for an additional (1) year, pursuant to Appendix “B” Part 1, Section (b) of the Procurement By-law 113-16 as amended by By-law 141-20 as there is absence of competition for technical reasons and the Goods and/or Service can be supplied only by a particular Supplier and no alternative or substitute exists;

    b) That the Commissioner of Corporate and Financial Services be authorized to execute any and all necessary documentation to affect the contract.

  • a) That the correspondence from Mark Hebert, President and CEO, Cosmo Music, dated May 1, 2023, regarding a Request to Deem an Event Municipally Significant - CosmoFEST, be received;

    b) That Council provide direction on whether to deem CosmoFEST as an event of municipal significance in order for CosmoFEST to obtain a Special Occasion Permit by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to be utilized at the CosmoFEST event.

Moved by: Mayor West

  • Whereas Richmond Hill is a member of Ontario’s Big City Mayor’s (OBCM);

    Whereas the OBCM put forward a motion requesting the Government of Ontario expedite the process to fully unlock municipalities’ ability to do their part to solve the housing supply crisis;

    Whereas the OBCM requested the Government of Ontario to expedite its finalization of its necessary regulations on governance, finance, planning and building policies to fully unlock municipal ability to do our part to meet the need to solve the housing supply crisis.

    Now Therefore Be It Resolved:

    1. That Richmond Hill Council requests the province to expedite the regulatory procedures on governance, finance, planning and building policies as soon as possible so that municipalities have some certainty and ability to meet their housing targets and solve the housing supply crisis.
    2. That the City Clerk be directed to send this Member Motion to the Premier of Ontario, the Ontario Minister of Finance, the Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), Ontario Big Cities Mayors Caucus, as well as York Region and its member municipalities.

Moved by: Mayor West

  • Whereas the province has created a housing target of 1.5 million homes built in the next 10 years;

    Whereas Richmond Hill’s housing target is 27,000 new units by 2031;

    Whereas the province has asked for at least 15 geographic data points to be shared by all municipalities with housing targets;

    Whereas the current data sharing process is cumbersome, inefficient, and not collaborative;

    Whereas real-time data sharing between municipalities and the provinces, on a common data exchange platform, would greatly assist municipalities to use their existing technology to achieve their housing targets and provide the public with visibility on progress on this important issue;

    Whereas the province has previously provided funding for the development process through the Streamlined Development Application Fund, among others;

    Whereas Ontario’s Big City Mayor’s (OBCM) has passed a similar motion at their recent AGM.

    Now Therefore Be It Resolved:

    1. That Richmond Hill Council request the province provide funding for municipalities, in particular those with housing targets assigned, to increase capacity in data management, collaboration and sharing; and
    2. That the province work with staff in each municipality to develop an open and transparent data sharing mode;
    3. That the City Clerk be directed to send this report to the Premier of Ontario, the Ontario Minister of Finance, the Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), Ontario’s Big City Mayor’s Caucus (OBCM); as well as York Region and its member municipalities.
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